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Process Params

AgileDialogs allows additional parameters to be sent to process instances.

These values are stored in the process context and can be used during the process as an additional variable like any other variable.


In the case where a parameter is sent whose name matches a page control, this value shall be used as the control value.

Single value

To send additional parameters to the process context we only have to specify the ProcessParams parameter in the URL we use to execute the dialog.

The parameters must be specified as key-value pairs - param1=param1Value - and URL encoded. This means that ProcessParams value look like this ProcesParams=param1%3Dparam1Value.

Tip: Use encodeURIComponent javascript function to get a valid value to ProcessParams


This sample will create a param1 variable in process context with ParamValue value.

Multiple values

To send multiple additional parameters to the process context, we act in the same way as for sending a single parameter, but use the “&” symbol to concatenate the multiple values. Exactly the same as any other querystring string parameter.

The parameters must be specified as key-value pairs: param1=param1Value&param2=param2Value


This sample will create two variables in process context, param1 variable with param1Value value and param2 variable with param2Value.

Disclaimer of warranty

Disclaimer of warranty