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Detach Document

Detach Document

This shape is used to copy/move attachments (annotations) from an CRM entity to others systems.

The destination system can be any AgilePoint NX Global Access Token. Global Access Token must be created previously in AgilePoint NX administration portal.

Shape-Specific Properties

Document Source (CRM Entity)  
Property Description
EntityId EntityId
EntityName Entity Name
AnnotationId The annotationID for the document source. Multiple values are allowed using “;”.
ExecuteAsync Execute Async
Filter The filename or filter for the document source. Wildcards are allowed. For example, it can be “*.pdf” to get all PDF files. When both the annotationID property and the filter property have value, the filter property is applied to the result set obtained from the query by annotationID
RemoveNotes Indicates if the source annotation should be deleted after transfer document.
Document Destination  
Property Description
Destination Destination
SaveResponseIdTo The variable name where created document response will be store

Other Common Properties

All shapes have many other common properties. Look them up here: Common Poperties


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