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Change ownership (Multi)

Change ownership (Multi)

This shape is used to change the Owner of multiple entity records to another User or Team.

The set of records that are affected are selected by either:

NOTE: Owner field is a special field and cannot be changed using the Update Entity (Multi) shape.

Shape-Specific Properties

Property Description
EntityIds This could be a list of entity record IDs seperated with a semicolon (;). It can take dynamic variable(s)
EntityName Entity Name
ExecuteAsync Execute Async
NewOwner This can be any of these: If OwnerType property is set to User then it can be either CRM Domain Logon Name (domainname) or User (systemuserid). If OwnerType property is set to Team then it must be the Team ID.(teamid)
OwnerType This can be either User or Team
QueryExpression Query Expression

Other Common Properties

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