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AgileXRM OnBoarding Guide

I need a Trial Dynamics 365 CE Org or CDS Database

Note: If you already have an available D365 Organization or CDS DB to test out AgileXRM on it, you can skip this section

  1. Navigate to this link
  2. Provide info. Make sure to select European Country

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  4. .

  5. .

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  7. .

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You already have a Dynamics 365 CE Org or CDS Database to test on

Deploy AgileXRM Solution

  1. Navigate to the offer in AppSource here: link

  2. Click on Free Trial button (make sure to be logged in with CRM Admin User: e.g.

  3. Authorize

  4. Agree

  5. Installing

  6. Installed

  7. Check

Start AgileXRM OnBoarding Process

  1. Logon as admin (e.g. in D365 Organization (

  2. Navigate to “Settings>AgileXRM Administration”

  3. Click “Start AgileXRM Onboarding” button.

  4. Logon as admin

  5. Consent Services

  6. ConsentPortal

  7. Dialog Page to provide AgileXRM Onboarding Code

  8. Wait

  9. Onboarding Done