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This allows adding custom controls to the Page to extend beyond the out-of-the-box controls provided by the AgileDialogs.

Example of a simple Widget:


Example of a complex Widget like ColorPicker:


The properties of the Widget control are:

  • Url: of the javascript file that contains the widget code
    e.g. Scripts/Widgets/demo/colorpicker/widget.demo.colorpicker.js

  • WidgetClassImplementation: Name of the Widget class
    e.g. ColorPickerWidgetControlImplementation

  • OutputVariables: Additional Variables of the Widget (Read Only)

For reference, the following Widgets are deployed with AgileDialogs here:

  • <AgileDialogsRoot>/Scripts/Widgets/demo/simple
  • <AgileDialogsRoot>/Scripts/Widgets/demo/colorpicker

The details of creating a Widget are in the AgileDialogs Customization Guide.

Common properties

Disclaimer of warranty

Disclaimer of warranty