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This shape can:

  • Execute a specific set of Dynamics 365 SDK Messages.
  • Set returned values to custom attribute(s)

Shape-Specific Properties

Property Description
InputParameters SDK Parameters Configuration Input parameters for selected message
MessageName Combobox selector with available SDK Messages: AddUserToRecordTeam, RemoveUserFromRecordTeam, WhoAmI, ReassignObjectsOwner, ReassignObjectsSystemUser, CalculateRollupField, RetrieveExchangeRate, AddPrincipalToQueue, AddToQueue, PickFromQueue, ReleaseToQueue, RemoveFromQueue, ConvertOwnerTeamToAccessTeam, InstantiateTemplate
OutputParameters SDK Parameters Configuration Ouput parameters for selected message

Other Common Properties

All shapes have many other common properties. Look them up here: Common Poperties


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Disclaimer of warranty

Disclaimer of warranty