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Create Appointment

This shape creates an Appointment Activity in CRM.

This shape can optionally have a Page Form. This permits creating activity-based forms, which have all the fields necessary for carrying out this task by the user.

When the activity is Marked as Completed, the process flow continues.

The mapping of the fields is as shown below:

CRM Field AgilePoint setting
Required RequiredAttendees property
Optional OptionalAttendees property
Subject Subject
Location Location property
Regarding RegardingEntityId & RegardingEntityType properties
Start Time Start On property
End Time End On property
ExistingActivityId Existing Activity Id
All Day Event AllDayEvent property
Description TaskDescription property
Priority Priority property
Owner Participant property. When Participant is a Queue, OwnerID property
Other fields Set using the ActivityProperties property
SaveCrmActivityFieldsTo Save CRM Activity Fields To


The property ConfigureParticipants allows to set the Activity owner and (optionally) assign the activity to a queue, just clicking on the ellipsis button.

To see full configuration navigate to the Participants detailed section.

Other Common Properties

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Disclaimer of warranty