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XRM Grid control

This control presents a grid with the records selected with a query configured using the Configure button.

It has Paging functionality with Page Navigation buttons. The PageSize parameter (default 10) controls the page size, and a value of zero disables paging and returns all records.

XRM Grid control configuration

Data configuration

XRM Grid control can show data from by 2 ways:


This control can be configured to behave in 3 different ways:

Note that this control does not have the ControlWidth property and occupies the full width of space set by ColumnSpan.

This control also allows the following configuration settings:

Note: the AllowMultipleSelection property should be set to false.
Two Important features to take into account:

  • The AutoNext property cannot be set to true in a Grid that has its AllowMultipleSelection set to true. For AutoNext property to be work, the Grid must be set on Single selection mode.
  • Be careful changing both properties, because setting AllowMultipleSelection to true automatically toggles AutoNext property to false, and vice versa.