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XRM SubProcess

When entered, this AgileShape will initiate another AgileXRM process instance as a sub-process.

This functionality is useful for breaking complex processes to more manageable chunks and also allows creating more modular processes, and enhances reusability.

It allows selecting any Proceess of type AgileXRM. For initiating other types of processes, use the SubProcess shape in the Generic stencil.

This shape does NOT share the context of the caller with the child, assuming that the Main Entity of the child is different. If the Main Entity of the child process is the same as the calling parent process, then set the Share Attibutes property yo True.

However, if Main Entity for child process is different, then to pass individual variables to the child process use the SubProcessParams property.

When selecting a sub-process, it is possible to initiate the latest version or a particular version. Please see below for details of choosing which version of the sub-process template to initiate.

Configuration Dialogs

Process Selector Dialog

See the Sub Process property.

SubProcess Parameters Dialog

See the SubProcessParams property.

Shape-Specific Properties

Property Description
NamePrefix Name Prefix
RunProcessIndependently Run Process Independently
SaveProcessInstanceIdTo Save Process Instance Id To
ShareAttributes Share Attributes
Sub Process SubProcess
SubProcessInitiator SubProcess Initiator
SubProcessParams SubProcess Params
Wait Wait

Other Common Properties

All shapes have many other common properties. Look them up here: Common Poperties


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Disclaimer of warranty