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XRM SubProcess Multi

This shape is used to start one sub-process for each record in a list. The list can be the result of a query using the QueryExpression parameter or passed as a semicolon-separated llist of IDs in the EntityIds parameter (in conjunction with EntityName).

If the Wait parameter is set to True, the process continues once all the subprocesses that were initiated by this shape are completed.

SubProcesses can be initiated sequentially or in parallel.

Typically this is used to manage the lifecycle of child entities, for example Order Line Items of an Order.

Configuration Dialogs

Process Selector Dialog

See the Sub Process property.

SubProcess Parameters Dialog

See the SubProcessParams property.

Shape-Specific Properties

Property Description
EntityIds Entity Ids
EntityName Entity Name
ExecutionMode Default value: Parallel
- Parallel : All subprocesses are started in parallel in no particular order
- Sequential : subprocesses are initiated one by one so next subprocess is not started until previous subprocess is completed (or cancelled)
NamePrefix Name Prefix
QueryExpression Query Expression
RunProcessIndependently Run Process Independently
SaveProcessInstanceIdTo Save Process Instance Id To
Sub Process SubProcess
SubProcessInitiator SubProcess Initiator
SubProcessParams SubProcess Params
TargetVariableName Optional
This property allows every child process instance to receive the ID of the entity against which the subprocess is executed, in a variable inside the child process (default: CrmBeId)
Wait Wait

Other Common Properties

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