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This control allows to insert an external web page or application inside the AgileDialogs page. Very useful for information purposes, we could attach to our dialog some webpage embedded inside an IFrame, shown along with the rest of the Page Form controls.

Figure H: Example of a request form with two input textboxes, and an IFrame attached below them, showing a custom URL designed by the process modeler.

If we want to /add a new IFrame to our form, we would follow these steps:

There are three types of IFrame to be configured:

Once the value is selected, the IFrame will be shown in the Canvas View of the modeler:

If we click on the Advanced Tab, we could notice that the needed details are automatically filled in for us; The QueryString and URL properties get default values (important: do not modify these). After finishing the configuration customization and publish the process template, we’ll see the document content inside our IFrame on the Dialog execution (pictures below).

Figure I. Added property values in “CRM attached document’ IFrame type

Figure J. Showing IFrame content (an image in .png format previously loaded in the Dialog)

From now on, let’s suppose we are configuring and Empty frame control, to explain better the features to customize one by one.

Once published, this would be how the form looks like:

There are various ways to show the IFrame, as it will be explained next.

The properties for the IFrame control are:

-Button. A button interface is placed to launch the IFrame.

-Link. A link interface is placed to launch the IFrame.

Important: If Mode is set to embebbed, the property LauncherMode will have no effect, because there will be no user interaction for loading such IFrame content.