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This window allows to set the Activity owner and (optionally) assign the activity to a queue.


Activity Owner

Default Value: User (with ${ProcessInitiator} variable as the given variable value). It sets the participant or participants to be affected by this shape.

1- User. The participant can be configured by a process custom variable. The default value is ${ProcessInitiator}, but we could change it for any other custom variable in our process.

2- Team. By selecting this, the participants will be determined by the selected CRM Team. It is also possible to type a team in the dropdown box.

3- Query User. The owner user could be returned using a custom query to Dynamis 365/CDS

Queue Configuration


Queue. By selecting this, the activity will be assigned to a Dynamics 365/CDS queue.

It is also possible to type a queue name in the dropdown box.

Disclaimer of warranty

Disclaimer of warranty