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Web Service

This shape creates a Web Service Activity, which allows consuming a SOPA ASMX Web Service to retrieve extrernal data or send data externally.

Web Service

Note: In order to use this shape, the web service must have WSDL description enabled.

Note: This activity is available under Web Services


Press Elipsis button from Configure property, in order to open Configuration window.

In order to configure, type URL service addess and press Get service metadata button.

Web Service

By this action service metadata is received and Method dropdown list is filled with service methods. Now, choose the method to invoke it.

Web Service

Once service method is selected, lists under Paremeters and Return output tabs are filled with service arguments input and output values. Choose each parameter to assign value from AgilePoint schema.

Web Service

Perform same operation to assign service return values to AgilePoint schema variable.

Web Service

When designtime and runtime bla…bla… Server URL key

Shape-Specific Properties

Property Description
Configure Opens configuration window.
Credential Credential
Proxy Proxy
Timeout Timeout to invoke web service method.

Other Common Properties

All shapes have many other common properties. Look them up here: Common Poperties


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