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Set Status Multi

Set Status Multi

This shape is used to change the Status & Status Reason of multiple entity records in CRM.

The set of records that are affected are selected by either:

  • The ones returned by the query configured in the QueryExpression property
  • From a semicolon-separated list of IDs passed via the EntityIds property

NOTE: Status fields are special fields and cannot be changed using the Update Entity (Multi) shape.

Shape-Specific Properties

Property Description
ClosePendingTasks Close Pending Tasks
Closing Task Subject Closing Task Subject
EntityIds Entity Ids
EntityName Entity Name
QueryExpression Query Expression
OnBehalfOf On Behalf Of
Status Status
StatusStateValue Status State Value

Other Common Properties

All shapes have many other common properties. Look them up here: Common Poperties


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Disclaimer of warranty

Disclaimer of warranty